FLAME is a generic agent-based modelling system which can be used to development applications in many areas. It generates a complete agent-based application which can be compiled and built on the majority of computing systems ranging from laptops to HPC super computers.

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If you are using FLAME, we would love to hear from you. We appreciate any feedback (good or bad), bug reports, or even a quick "hello".

Latest News

FLAME in patient flow modelling project (Posted on 10 December 2013)

Flame is being used in a new partient flow modelling project. The project - a collaboration between STFC, Sheffield University and CMFT - will be using FLAME to simulate the...

FLAME Conference Talk at HPCC 2012 (Posted on 25 June 2012)

FLAME and future improvements for FLAME2 were presented at the International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications in Liverpool. The associated paper is available here.

FLAME User Meeting on 23rd February 2012 (Posted on 06 February 2012)

A FLAME User Meeting has been set for 23rd February 2012 in the Enterprise Zone at Sheffield University. The details can be found here.

Projects that use FLAME

Skin modelling